Workable or LinkedIn: Where to Hire Quality Employees

It’s no longer so hard to find good help, as they say. As part of yet another powerful shift made possible by modern technology, services like Workable and LinkedIn bring all the talented people who want to work right to you, so that you don’t have to go on a time and resource-consuming search to find the right people for your company. Not only that, but these services will do just about all of the work for you, throughout the entire process. Workable and LinkedIn are among the best available right now, though there are others. Which one of these will best serve you in finding the quality employees that you need?


Designed Exclusively for Hiring Employees

This is obviously what this article is about, but it’s important to note that Workable is a service devoted specifically to helping you with hiring employees, whereas, though LinkedIn definitely does this, it’s primarily a social community for professionals. Workable also does the work for you, of gathering candidates and putting them in front of you. You will have to do a bit more of the networking and legwork yourself when using LinkedIn’s recruitment service.

Create a Separate “Mini-Site” through Workable’s Platform

There’s no need to integrate your career pages into your own company website, unless you want to, because Workable gives you what they call a “mini-site” with all the recruitment information your candidates need, branded for your own company. As it’s hosted through Workable, there are no additional hosting fees. The mini-site is, of course, mobile-optimized and really easy to manage, as well.

Better Application Process for Candidates

On the other side of this whole recruitment transaction is, of course, the candidates. To make it easier for quality people to be able to connect and eventually work for you, you want them to be able to get through the process as seamlessly as possible so that they can move through each phase without any difficulty (except for those items or tests which should be difficult). Workable gives you useful integrations with sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster, so you’re not managing all of those platforms separately at the same time. Naturally, you can design the application in whatever way you want, with your own custom questions. Get background, make sure a candidate has the pertinent skills, prompt them for mock-up testing, or anything that’s relevant to you.

Smart Screening to Save Time Reviewing Applications

There are plenty of customizations you can add to your applications to screen candidates before you ever start interacting with them directly. For example, you can add questions that rule people out right off the bat if they clearly won’t be a good fit for you. Add yes / no, free-text, or multiple-choice questions, whatever suits your needs and gets the information you need. To begin with, before a candidate even gets into questions, present them with basic requirements that will disqualify the candidate right away if they don’t meet those requirements.

Customize Your Workable Site & Pages

Just because you’re using an outside service doesn’t mean that your career pages can’t look like they belong to your company. With just a small amount of code, you can make sure the branding, look, and feel of any existing career pages you have will carry over to your Workable pages so the branding and aesthetic matches throughout. Beyond that, if you need to customize things a little deeper, there is an API available for your developers to change it completely, if needed.

Find People Quickly & with Less Work

This is really where the service shines, and it’s at the core of how Workable becomes so useful for recruitment because it makes it possible to gather a much larger pool of candidates than you could find by yourself, while saving a massive amount of time by predicting who you need and putting those people in front of you. Use the “auto-suggest” tool to let the software automatically find people for you, based on all of the information you’ve provided within the platform. If you’re not into the machine learning thing, then you can run custom advanced searches of your own. Even run ads on social media through Workable if you want. One of the coolest tools available is the Chrome extension that lets you find people online while you’re browsing.

Everything is in Your Online Control Panel

Pretty much anything you do during the entire process can be managed through your online dashboard. First and foremost, keep track of all your candidates and their information and progress through the dashboard. There is also a dedicated inbox you can access anytime that is there for all the messages between your team and the candidates, separate from your own email client so nothing gets mixed up. Based on the preferences that you’ve set up, you can also receive notifications for just about anything in your account, especially new messages.


Hyper-Social Recruiting

We’re including LinkedIn in this post because, though it isn’t a service that was specifically designed for hiring employees, that is a large part of what you can do with it. LinkedIn is a social media platform that also happens to be a hiring platform—it’s certainly not like Facebook or Twitter in that regard. While it is an exceptional platform for finding candidates for your company, it’s more designed for connecting professional people than specifically for recruiting people.

Access Candidates that You Couldn’t Otherwise

One of the greatest benefits of using LinkedIn is that you can check out all kinds of people as candidates to work for you, when they aren’t even actively looking for a job. The point is that many of them are indeed open to it. So, you can start grooming people, or simply sending out feelers, before they even start pursuing a new position with an employer. LinkedIn has about 560 million members. With those kinds of numbers, it gives you the ability to reach way more potential candidates than you would be able to without the platform.

Get a Lot of Information on Candidates Right Away

As so many professionals have a LinkedIn account already, you can see their background and other information just by going to their profile pages, then contacting them from there if they look promising. Instead of painstakingly screening people, then getting all of their personal and professional information, you can look into all of that beforehand. Once you view their profile on LinkedIn, you can then decide whether it’s worthwhile to move forward with them.

Build a Custom Career Page

Whether you’re just looking to fill one vacancy, or you need to hire a whole new team, your career page has to look good and draw in quality people. Using the tools provided by LinkedIn, you can customize your company’s profile page to show testimonials, media, or other content that you want candidates to see. Showing what your company is about and who your ideal employee is helps you to create career pipelines to channel the right people to your company.


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