6 Things You May Not Know About Your Customers


To understand your customers takes diligence. You have to listen to their feedback, as well as look at data about their behavior. In the end, you need to know a few foundational elements of what makes customers tick, and here are a few of them.

don't speak up

1. They usually don’t speak up.

Most people remain silent about their experience with your business, whether it’s good or terrible. This is unfortunate because it makes it more difficult to gauge how customers feel about your service, but as a rule of thumb, you can bet that if one person gives you negative feedback, there are more who share their experience and aren’t saying so.


2. They always expect great service.

Customers are a demanding bunch. They are hardly satisfied with halfway-decent service; they come to you with high expectations.


3. They will remember how you treated them.

If even your most loyal customer has a bad experience, they usually won’t let you get away with it. When you consistently provide stellar service for someone, they will remember that, too. Either way, customers remember how they were treated, which is the basis for the kind of word-of-mouth you’re going to get.


4. You have to continually win them over.

People hate to feel as if they’re being ignored, or that they don’t matter. In the same manner as friendship, keeping your customers loyal requires maintenance. You’ll be more likely to retain them if you reach out once in awhile.


Thank You notes are a great way to make your customers feel cared for, and these are some examples that you can try out for yourself:


robot phone

5. They want to deal with a real person.

Automation is a great tool that can save you a lot of time and money, such as having a Call Menu for your phone system, to direct callers to the right person. It is, however, really easy to get carried away and automate everything, to the point where your customers never have a human interaction. Whether you use live chat and email support, or direct phone support, people want to deal with a real person.

Transfer of money from hands in hands

6. They will pay more for better service.

If you think a higher price always drives customers away, you would be mistaken. First of all, charging less than your product is worth to attract new customers might have the inverse effect, by undervaluing it. Not only that, but people are willing to spend more with you, just for the great service.




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