7 Reliable Ways to Impress Your Customers


If you want to really impress your customers, then you have to give them more than what they usually get from other businesses. It’s not necessarily grand gestures that will get their attention; the little things that prove to them that you’re devoted to taking care of them usually make much more of an impression.


1. Respond to Inquiries Quickly

Whether it’s through an email, a phone call, or an in-person meeting, the time it takes you to get back to a customer always makes a huge difference. Most businesses are well aware of this fact, but we can underestimate how positively people respond to it because responding quickly makes someone feel that they matter to you.


2. Prove that You Care About Them

Yes, of course you are in business to make money, and even though your customers are aware of that the whole time, they still want to believe that you see them as a person, and not just a sale. While you are considering the dollar amount associated with a customer, it’s important that you treat them like a human being at the same time.


3. Perks for Loyal Customers

It’s not a bad idea to have some kind of system in place that shows gratitude or precedence to people who have stayed with you for an extended period of time. You don’t necessarily need an official “loyalty program”, but you’re more likely to retain their continued business if long-time customers receive some kind of reward, or at least recognition.


4. Understand What They Need

This is where true good listening and attention comes into play. When you’re taking care of a customer either via a phone call or some other channel, many times, they won’t exactly know how your product or service can fulfill their needs. It goes a long way when you can actually understand what they’re looking for without them explicitly telling you.


5. Provide Genuine Help

Again, treating someone as a person instead of just a number makes you instantly stand out from competitors because you’re doing more than just answering questions and reciting prices of products. If someone chooses a product, for example, but also mentions something else they need, you can instantly impress that person by going out of your way to help them find information about that thing which you don’t even sell.


6. Follow Up

A good customer relationship doesn’t end as soon as they sign up or make a purchase; excellent service calls for some kind of follow-up. That might mean sending them an email later on to see how everything is working out for them, or you might send them a Thank You note. See how effective Thank You notes can be in this bonus post:

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7. Do Great Work

Last, but not least, probably one of the most reliable ways to win over customers is just to do what you do better than anybody. Nowadays, we tend to think that really clever marketing can cover up a shoddy product and get just as many sales, but there is still no substitute for quality. People absolutely notice when what you’re selling is excellent, they talk about with their friends and family, and they will continue to come back for it.




Stephanie is the Marketing Director at Talkroute and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur as a leading authority on business and telecommunications.

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Stephanie7 Reliable Ways to Impress Your Customers