8 Key benefits of using cloud telephony system for your business


You will be surprised to know that there are more than 1 billion cloud telephony users already. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the computer technology segment. It is forecasted to be a 200 billion industry by the end of 2020. Almost every business is now shifting to the cloud telephony as compared to traditional phone lines.

You will find almost every business using the virtual phone system to make and receive business phone calls. There are hundreds of reasons for it. Starting with the quality of calls and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we are going to learn about 8 key benefits of using a cloud telephony system for your business that will enhance the productivity of your customer service teams.

Cloud Telephony System

8 Benefits of Cloud Telephony System


No hardware required


A physical phone is definitely going to cost more than a softphone. Especially, when we talk about small teams of 10 to 20 individuals or large teams of 50+ people, the cost of the entire telephony infrastructure is going to cost even more. All these costs can be easily eliminated by using a virtual phone number.


Unlimited phone calls


If a provider tells you that they provide unlimited phone calls.. Don’t believe it. It is absolutely not possible for any VoIP provider to provide unlimited free internet calls. Having said that, there will always be a few companies who provide unlimited calls but with a fair usage policy. However, in some cases, when you only want a US virtual number. The cloud telephony provider may provide unlimited phone calls based on the business case and the nature of the business.


The number of your choice


When it comes to buying numbers – It is extremely important that one must procure a number that is easy to remember and that looks good on the website. Therefore, most businesses go for a vanity phone number that gives a professional look and branding to their product or service. In the case of small business owners, they prefer to have local phone numbers from their area to attract local and state-specific customers.


Reduce customer interaction costs


Evidently, when you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on buying phone instruments or setting up virtual phone infrastructure, it is going to bring down the customer interaction cost by at least 50%. On top of that, the sales and customer services teams don’t have to dial the numbers manually. They can simply dial it from the web or mobile app dialer.


High call quality


Do you know any person who can say that they have never heard the disturbance in phone lines? Probably not. That is because cables have high wear and tear costs. A call over the internet is always going to be a high definition in comparison to the local line. Hence, it provides better voice quality and experiences to both the parties.


Streamlining communications


Growth is always good. But it is important to keep growing and not stay hung up on old methods. This is something that a smart business owner would do. What this means is that you must provide efficient workflows for your customer service teams to interact effectively with customers by enabling IVR (interactive voice response), setting up a greeting message, setting up a professional voicemail greeting, a piece of soothing hold music, etc. This will help the customer to get connected quickly with the representative and reduce the hold time.


Forward to any number


It is practically impossible for a person to be available for business all the time. It gets even more difficult when you are with your family. Just by using call forwarding as one of the prime features of the virtual phone system. It will allow a user to route the calls to any number. It will make sure that the call is being forwarded and if the person is unable to answer the call. It will ask for a voicemail to be left if enabled.


Flexibility and scalability


This is how the new generations think when procuring a product or a service. They want to make sure that any product they buy or use, must be flexible to be customized as per requirement whenever there is a need. Also, the system should allow the user to scale to greater extensions like adding multiple virtual numbers or additional extensions for that matter. Scalability becomes extremely important in a growing business. This helps the business owners to save time, training costs and implementation cost at the same time. Therefore, you must research well before selecting the right cloud telephony.

Cloud telephony is a game-changer. It is a modern-day phone system that uses internet technology to leverage it’s benefits in terms of cloud telephony to the business owners and large organizations to no more rely on messy cable networks, bulky and expensive hardware or any other physical limitations.



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