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8 Major Benefits of Using Automatic Call Distribution


The benefits of an Automatic Call Distribution system are numerous when it comes to the success of a business. However, it is important to define Automatic Call distribution to enable a clearer understanding of its significant benefits.

Automatic Call Distribution, often referred to as ACD, is a system of answering and routing incoming calls to the most appropriate sales agents to handle the needs of the caller. The ACD call routing system works based on a set of algorithms and pre-integration with other technology. Such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The CTI and IVR, coupled with predefined rules and information like a priority, first in first out, and skill-based routing help to provide self-service and intelligent transfer of calls to appropriate departments within a company. Ultimately, the ACD helps a business to build an efficient customer resolution platform.


ACD has lots of benefits, but the following are 8 of its most important features:


1. Immediate and Intelligent Call Response

One of the most apparent benefits of ACD is the instant response to incoming calls. The system not only responds fast, but it also intelligently routes the call to the best agent through predefined rules. This fast and smart response helps to save the overall time it would typically take to answer and then transfer calls if the ACD system wasn’t in place.

As a result of this, the ACD telephony system improves customer experiences and satisfaction. More importantly, ACD offers an option for customers to schedule a call back when there is a high call volume or busy period at the center. The system also recognizes top priority or VIP customers and immediately routes them to their assigned agents.

2. Increased Productivity

Automatic Call Distribution connects agents to customers whose needs they have received training. This means that agents will only take calls that they have excellent training and capacity to receive. Agents will inevitably handle the needs of the customer faster and more efficiently.

Thus, ADC improves the productivity of agents and boosts their confidence. Even more, when agents have the best capacity to handle specific needs, they tend to have better confidence and more meaningful business communications with the caller.

3. Overall Cost Reduction

The cost of transferring calls across various departments or different agents reduces with the Automatic Call Distribution system. In addition to this, the opportunity of getting a first call resolution cuts down on the need for multiple transfers contributes positively towards creating a customer experience and saves cost per call.

With these advantages, the business can satisfy more customers within a shorter period and with a fewer number of calls and transfers. More so, using the cloud-based ACD reduces maintenance and upfront costs to the barest minimum. Fewer phone lines are required, and also, less staff are needed to man the customer care base.

4. Cloud-based Systems

ACD operates a cloud-based system that does not require the installation of new hardware or software. Businesses can make use of the cloud-based ACD as long as they have a functioning internet connection. This also means that the company can run the system regardless of their location. Companies that run ACD can hire the best call agents anywhere in the world and connect them to callers seamlessly.

5. Improved Branding

No doubt, better customer experiences is a crucial tool in the branding of any business. When customers get seemingly preferential treatment from a company and have their issues resolved at first attempt, it prompts them to promote such business either by speaking to other people about them or giving favorable reviews.

ACD allows agents to easily personalize caller interaction by providing them with an in-depth profile of the customer as well as details of previous conversations. Subsequently, when an agent addresses a customer by their first name and seems to recall their past discussions without delay, the customer feels relevant and will most likely become an unpaid ambassador.

profile of the customer

6. Software Integration

By integrating with other technologies like IVR and CTI, ADC can profile callers and give agents detailed information on who they are on the phone with. The agent usually has this information on their computer screen, including details of the caller like their full name, call history, purchase history, previous queries, and every other information the agent might need.

This way, an agent does not have to fumble around searching for details of the caller to resolve issues. Besides, by helping the agent to personalize the call and also improving professionalism, system integration reduces call handling duration and makes resolutions faster.

7. Optimized Efficiency

ACD offers a feature called in-depth speech analytics that allows companies to get full transcripts of calls. These transcripts can be analyzed to determine the most common issues customers face and better ways to resolve them.

The system also helps the company to verify which agents are best suited to different customers’ needs and how to handle customers to get the best outcomes. Ultimately, the analysis leads to improved efficiency over time.

8. Improved Collaborations

ACD provides smoother collaborations between departments in a company. There are features like teleconferencing, listening, videoconferencing, and whispering that makes it easy for another agent to smoothly transition into an existing call if that is required to ease resolution.

Besides the irritation that comes with waiting to be transferred to another agent, having to repeat information can be very annoying and frustrating for the customer. ACD eliminates these hurdles. Agents can quickly transfer calls without delays or need for repetitions of information since the other agents would have been listening to the conversation.


To Wrap It Up..


The benefits, as mentioned above, detail the importance of utilizing technological improvements like Automatic Call Distribution in business. With the overwhelming competition that surrounds all business types, taking advantage of a system that promotes excellent customer service is a great decision for any company willing to stand out and maintain a competitive edge in its business environment.




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