AI in Smartphones: Futuristic Evolution for Smart Consumers


Nowadays, almost every smartphone device comes with artificial intelligence as a special feature. Companies are continuously working on developing new software and hardware to improve AI functionality. Currently, most of the features of AI in smartphones are dedicated to security, power efficiency, and photography. If we look into the future, we can easily visualize that AI in smartphones is going to bring a futuristic evolution for smart consumers.

The most common examples of AI in smartphones are digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant but the use of AI in smartphones goes into much more depth. Smartphone companies nowadays are using AI for fast processing of data, for recognizing various scenes and faces, for night camera shooting, for the security of users and much more.

AI in smartphones

How are companies using AI in smartphones?


Major smartphone companies like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have launched smartphones with AI chips. These AI chips are so powerful that they can perform as many as 5 trillion operations in just one second. The interesting thing is that they only use a very less amount of power to complete tasks.

Face ID feature in the recently released smartphones is only possible because of AI. Now, you don’t even need to type a password or use your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone, just look at it and its built-in AI will automatically recognize your face and unlock your mobile device.

Have a look at the facial recognition process of Apple’s iPhone X.

Facial Recognition Process of iPhone X

iPhone X uses a special True Depth Camera for Face ID. It takes 3D photos of your face by mapping it to recognize it from any direction. This special True Depth Camera comes with 3 different tools to make sure that it detects your face in any scenario. These 3 tools are:

1. Flood Illuminator

2. Dot Projector

3. Infrared Camera


Flood illuminator produces an infrared light which is invisible to our eyes but helps the phone to see your face clearly in dim lighting. Dot projector tool casts 30,000 infrared dots on to your face that helps in creating a 3D map of your face. Your smartphone will even ask you to rotate your head in different directions to scan it well during the first time Face ID set up. It helps it to unlock by having a look at your face from any angle.

Last but not least tool, the Infrared Camera compares the 3D map of your face, which is already available on the phone, with the view of your face that it gets when you try to unlock your device using Face ID. AI-powered Face ID of iPhone X and many other smartphones are so powerful that they will recognize your face even if you wear a scarf, grow a beard or change your hairstyle.

Many companies are creating AI apps for smartphones. These apps are mostly virtual assistants that help you in finishing tasks in a quick time. These AI apps come with an amazing AI algorithm that can get used to your daily routine and suggest you the quickest ways to finish your tasks. There is a large number of android mobile apps on the play store which are totally based on AI. You can use your existing phones to download and use AI in smartphones.


Popular mobile apps that feature AI in smartphones:

4. Siri doesn’t need an introduction. It’s probably the most popular AI app in the world. Siri is an AI-powered virtual assistant from Apple which can make calls for you, send text messages, offer recommendations based on your daily routine, answer questions and can do much more.

5. Since its release in 2016, Google Assistant has traveled so far that now it can control a wide range of devices in your household. Various services of Google Assistant include voice searching, voice commands, voice-activated device control, real-time translation, making appointments, etc.

6. Its intelligent AI helps you learn English in the easiest possible manner. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.

7. Cortana is yet another virtual assistant on this list. This AI app is from Microsoft. Most of its features relate to Siri and Google Assistant but the thing that makes it popular is that it is available on a large number of devices worldwide.


Alexa, Socratic, Fyle, DataBot, Youper, and Hound are a few more popular mobile apps that feature AI in smartphones. These AI apps are always ready to follow your instructions and commands while finishing off your tasks in the shortest possible time frames. The list of AI-powered devices is just going higher and higher. One can now have control over his household devices like the fridge, washing machine, TV, etc via AI in smartphones. If someone says that AI is making our life easier, he is not wrong.

AI in smartphones has now made an appearance in every new phone’s camera. The use of AI in smartphone cameras offers AI-based portrait modes, Camera post-processing, and beauty filters. This enables smartphones to enhance the quality of pictures captured by their camera.

Now, AI automatically recognizes faces and applies artificial image-enhancing effects like beauty filters and portrait mode. There is no need to modify your pics to make them look beautiful after capturing them as AI is doing it in a matter of seconds with each click.


Grow Businesses with Artificial Intelligence

AI apps on smartphones know everything about their users. AI stores all the data of a user and uses it to provide him with the promotional content that can be of any use to him. It increases the chances of a user’s engagement with the promotional content and ultimately increases the conversion ratio. That’s the reason why businesses are using AI while promoting their products and services.



AI has definitely made life a lot easier for smartphone users. It is only getting better with time. The world has a lot of expectations from artificial intelligence. It’s something that is going to rule the market of tomorrow. What we’re witnessing today is most probably just the beginning, the best of AI is yet to come in the near future.



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