Port Your Google Voice Number To Talkroute

We get asked about transferring numbers to Talkroute fairly regularly. However, the majority of these requests come from Google Voice users. I wanted to take sometime to address the most common questions and concerns that we receive:   Can I port my Google Voice Number to Talkroute? Yes, as long as you have a paid Talkroute account (no trial accounts) you can initiate a port request by following the steps here.   How long does it take? Google Voice Numbers are generally transferred in 1-7 business days. In the meantime, you can forward your Google Voice Number to your new Talkroute Number. This way the calls you receive from Google Voice will be routed to your Talkroute account while you wait for the transfer to be completed. Once the transfer is complete, the Google Voice Number will be added to your Talkroute account and no further action will be needed …

StephaniePort Your Google Voice Number To Talkroute

Smart Hold – Don’t Miss Important Calls

Many competing services offer users the ability to forward calls to any phone for a set number or “rings”. However, once the established number of “rings” has expired, the call is either disconnected or sent to voicemail. This antiquated method of call forwarding can lead to¬†missed calls and loss of revenue for businesses. 75% of Missed Calls Contact Your Competition Next! Talkroute introduces our proprietary Smart Hold technology. Smart Hold replicates the hold system found in traditional phone systems and brings those features to the Talkroute Virtual Phone System. Here are some of the key features of Smart Hold:

StephanieSmart Hold – Don’t Miss Important Calls