Comprehensive Guide of Resources to Help Real Estate Agents Thrive

Comprehensive Guide of Resources to Help Real Estate Agents Thrive

Real estate agents looking to attract more clients or sell properties faster have endless resources at their disposal. However, those who are new to real estate may not know where to start. It can all be extremely overwhelming when first getting things going.

To save you the hassle of scouring the Internet, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools.

From digital marketing platforms to 3D virtual tours, the Internet has everything needed to move real estate quickly. With the following online resources, you’ll have no problem thriving in the most competitive real estate markets.

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1. Join the Leading Real Estate Marketing Platforms

Every real estate agent should obviously take advantage of marketing platforms to reach a larger audience. The top real estate marketing platforms include:

  • Zillow
  • Adwerx

Zillow and give agents access to an online toolkit with helpful resources, including templates for emails and newsletters. However, lead generation is the main reason to use these marketing platforms.

Ninety-four percent of home buyers begin their search online, often using websites managed by one of the platforms listed above. Listing your properties through these platforms and then paying the extra fee to access the marketing features helps you connect with interested home buyers.

Each of the platforms listed also allow you to create paid advertising campaigns. Your ads can run on digital and streaming TV, websites, and real estate directories. The targeted marketing options also make it easier to tailor your campaign for a local audience.

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2. Streamline Your Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Email marketing is an effective way for real estate agents to keep clients engaged and informed. However, keeping up with emails is time-consuming.

Using an email marketing platform includes features that can help you manage the way you interact with clients. Mailchimp is a top recommendation due to its ease of use.

Mailchimp integrates with most web applications. You can easily integrate Mailchimp with contact forms on a website or Facebook. You can also sync data from Calendly, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms.

For example, Mailchimp has segmentation tools for separating contacts into different groups based on custom criteria. You could group clients based on their location or the price range of homes that they are looking for. Segmenting clients makes it easier to track where they are at on their buying journey and find homes that match their needs.

One of the best reasons to use Mailchimp is the cost. You can use the service for free with up to 2,000 contacts.

3. Use Canva to Create Impressive Real Estate Flyers

The traditional real estate flyer can be bland & unoriginal. Most realtors follow the same process of copying and pasting information and photos into a Microsoft Word template. If you want your flyers to stand out, try using Canva. It is an online tool that allows anyone to create visually appealing graphic designs.

Canva has close to 100 real estate flyer templates, each with an attractive layout and design. You can create a new flyer in minutes. You simply need to create a design, choose a template, and start customizing the flyer with images and text.

Canva allows you to start creating designs for free. However, a paid plan is needed to unlock all the features, including a brand kit. The brand kit lets you upload fonts and logos for maintaining a consistent image across all flyers and promotional materials.

Paid plans on Canva also include access to more templates and the ability to schedule content for publication on social media platforms.

4. Use Vistaprint to Print High-Quality Promotional Material

The designs that you create in Canva can easily be shared digitally or printed & handed out at open houses. However, you may also need signs, pamphlets, business cards, and other promotional material.

Use Vistaprint or any other reputable online custom printing website to produce professional marketing materials. Many sites include templates for yard signs and retractable banners. You can also print car door decals and magnets to promote your brand.

Using a professional service results in higher quality products. Your brochures and signs are printed on premium paper using high-resolution printers to produce sharper images and text.

Along with paper products, Vistaprint allows you to put your logo and contact information on a variety of promotional products. You can hand out pens, keychains, and magnet clips to increase brand awareness and client retention.

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5. Manage Transactions and Contracts Electronically

DocuSign is a leading e-signature app with extra features for dealing with transaction management from remote locations. You can generate new documents for reviewing and signing. The application also comes with contract management features, including automated workflows.

Real estate agents sign a lot of documents and contracts. When preparing a home, you may work with a home stager, landscaping services, and various contractors. You may also need to generate agreements for buyers and sellers to sign.

Using an electronic signature application can reduce the headache of getting people to sign contracts and agreements. The application also stores all signed documents for easy reference. You can quickly print saved documents or send documents via email.

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6. Create 3D Virtual Tours with Matterport

Real estate agents are more frequently using video tours to attract more home buyers. Especially during Covid-19, it has become a nearly standard practice. A video tour is more compelling compared to a set of photos. However, a 3D virtual tour allows you to take the experience to an entirely new level.

Matterport is an online platform for creating 3D virtual tours of real estate properties. You can test the platform for free without using a credit card. However, choosing one of the affordable monthly plans provides a variety of helpful resources and features.

The starter plan allows you to share and embed your 3D tours anywhere. You can share them on social media, email links to interested parties, or embed them on a website. You can also publish 3D virtual tours directly to Matterport also provides users with traffic analytics, helping you track the amount of interest in a property.

You do not need technical experience to create a 3D tour. You just need to take a series of photos around the property and import them into the software. Matterport then compiles the images into a virtual representation of the property.

Homebuyers receive a more immersive experience, as the 3D tour allows them to stop and look around as they tour the virtual home. According to Matterport, home buyers are 95% more likely to call about a property after viewing a 3D tour.

7. Build Custom Websites with Wix

A custom website provides a competitive advantage that may help you sell homes faster and for higher asking prices. Wix is a website-building platform that anyone can use to build stunning websites with no coding experience.

Creating individual websites for real estate listings is more impressive to potential buyers. It also provides a way to include any marketing material you want, including photos, video, and 3D tours. Along with Wix, you can compare and explore other popular website building platforms, including:

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Webflow
  • Jimdo

No matter which option you choose, you should obtain a custom domain. A domain name is included for free for one year with most paid plans. Without a custom domain, the URL for your website includes the domain of the hosting platform, which creates a less professional image.

8. Read the Top Real Estate Blogs to Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest developments in your industry by reading the most popular real estate blogs. The following websites offer helpful guidance for real estate agents:

  • Zillow Porchlight
  • Forbes Real Estate
  • VanEd Real Estate Agent Blog
  • Redfin
  • RealWealth Network

Check these sites frequently to read the newest posts or add them to your list of preferred news sources in your favorite news aggregator, such as Google News.

9. Boost Your Profile with a Vanity Number

The final resource for tying everything together is a vanity number. Using a vanity number helps people remember how to contact you about viewing or selling a property.

When people drive by a home and see a real estate sign in the yard, they are unlikely to remember a standard numerical set of digits. A vanity number is easier to recall as it typically includes a word or phrase.

For example, NEW-HOME is easier to remember compared to 639-4663.

Choosing a vanity number now can also help you grow your brand and presence as a leading real estate agent in your area. While local numbers can change when you switch providers, you can continue to use your vanity number indefinitely. Vanity numbers can be forwarded to any number. If your mobile phone number changes, you simply need to change the settings to forward calls to your new number.

These are just a few of the resources and tools that you should use to connect with more home buyers and sellers. If you want to maximize your exposure in a local real estate market, you need to use more than just social media.

If the selection of resources overwhelms you, start small. Choose one of the real estate marketing platforms and experiment with the features. After you become comfortable with the platform, start incorporating some of the other resources discussed. You’ll be a real estate rockstar in no time.


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