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20 Innovative Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2022


When we speak about the term customer acquisition, we need to understand the importance of multiple kinds of approaches that get us new customers who will buy our products & remain loyal to our brand.

Attracting new customers to a small business is always a challenging task. If you don’t plan a proper strategy, there’s a high possibility that it will eat up a lot of your capital.

But with implementations of the best customer acquisition techniques, we can significantly increase our CA rate while we rank high among other competitors.

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Here are the best customer acquisition methods to gain new customers and remain present in the market:


1. Define Your Target Audience

If you have selected the right niche, your main goal is to attract the exact type of audience that will resonate with your brand. This can be done in multiple ways, but one of the most popular ways of targeting the right audience is by using demographic data about your customers. You can easily target the audience that is located in a specific region, and, at the same time, you can target them more specifically by using their behavior, cultural, and economic data that speak about their preferences and general buying habits.

2. Do Giveaways

One of the best ways to increase customer acquisition is by giving your customers a chance to try your products. Do giveaways very often and see how your public responds to this kind of marketing strategy. Some of your customers will definitely spread the word about the quality of your product, and that is the time when your customer acquisition and retention rate can significantly increase.

3. Improve Email Engagement

Email strategies are the most effective methods of content marketing you can apply right now. Many customers want to know more about the news and offers from your brand, and you should give them an opportunity to learn more about your brand through newsletters, brand stories, customer stories, tutorials, tips emails, and all other types of marketing emails.

4. Set up an Affiliate Program

Creating an affiliate program is always a good solution if you want to improve your customer acquisition techniques. Affiliate programs promote your products through different marketing channels that include referral promotion where individuals describe your products in a specific way. This kind of promotion can significantly improve your customer acquisition rate, especially with the use of PPC clicks and link locations.

5. Improve Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is ideal for improving customer acquisition with the help of organic methods for getting new customers. Multiple social media marketing channels exist today, and some of the best places to search for new customers are Q&A websites, Instagram, and Facebook. On these platforms, you can promote your brand and get immediate recognition among the customers who are searching for similar products.

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6. Offline Marketing

It is not everything about the online world. You can always search for ways to spread awareness about your brand by doing offline marketing. The best ways to do so are banners, billboards, stickers, and local events where you can connect with other marketers and promote your products to the audience. Offline marketing is sometimes the basis for the future development of the brand.

7. Search Engine Marketing and SEO

One of the best ways to effectively use the customer acquisition strategy is to improve your search engine marketing and SEO. Google is the place where people should find you, and here, you have to find ways to improve your presence with the help of the right strategies. SEO will position you high on the Google rankings, while search engine marketing will give you insights about what channels can reach the audience in the best way so you can see what works best in the online world.

The mentioned customer acquisition strategies are the basics for getting a better customer acquisition rate. If you want to reach your audience in the most specific way, you can also use the additional customer acquisition strategies that will improve your brand positioning and get you more customers in the long run. Here are the improved customer acquisition tactics that give you ultimate results.

8. Boost Your Ranking by Updating and Republishing of the Old Content

While it is not possible to constantly publish new and original content that will reach the same audience, you may use the customer acquisition tactics that will generate more leads and more engagement via republishing and updating old content. This is especially important for the blog feed pages where the website architecture is already set and you just need to refresh the feeds that will lead to more organic traffic and better engagement rate.

9. Build a Viral Mechanism for Your Products

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are sometimes very high, which is why you may need to build a mechanism that will bring new customers with the help of the existing users. This will allow you to have constant CAC while your acquisition rate increases over time.

10. Use Facebook Ads to Drive down CPC

CPC (cost per click) might be very expensive if you invest in it constantly. At the same time, the results may vary and you may face the situation that your Facebook ads don’t attract a new audience in the right way. For this reason, you may need to increase the engagement rate around the ads you already run, which could be done by targeting the custom audience or reaching the countries with super low CPC to initiate more engagement.

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11. Test Conversion Rate Via Paid Advertising

Most conversion rates come from organic traffic. In this light, you may need to improve organic traffic by the right keyword planning where the conversion rate will be the most efficient. At the same time, you can explore different ad campaigns through AdWords to see which kinds of campaigns bring the best results.

12. Build Content Out of Unique Data

Unique data is ideal for building the original content on your blog and website. You can always search for forums, Quora questions, and search results that give you more insights into what people are interested in, so you can collect the data that respond to your content. Once you know your target audience preferences, you will be able to approach them with the relevant content that will ultimately create better customer acquisition.

13. Build Tools for Lead Generation

In terms of organic traffic solutions, lead generation can significantly improve your customer acquisition rate. Some of the highly relevant tools can generate you more traffic and qualify you for the better lead system that could be fully automated.

14. Map the Exact Locations of Your Customers

If you want to significantly increase your customer acquisition rate, you may need to search for the users who are specifically located at the exact locations. No matter your exact positioning of the hosting location and provider, it is always good to see where the audience is. Some of the best customers might be in the countries that have no physical access to your products, but you can still generate lots of traffic from them and, according to that, increase the overall engagement of your brand.

15. Build an Influencer Referral Program

Influencers on Instagram are the ultimate promoters of your brand. These people not only select the right products to promote, but they also engage with the audience in the way you cannot create in any other way. With this in mind, you can create the referral programs that distribute your content and products to the right influencers who will ultimately promote your products and services.

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16. Publish Content on External Sites

Boosting organic search ranking could be ideally done by combining blogging campaigns with the referral tactics for an acquisition rate increase. Relevant and authoritative sites might be an ideal place to spread the word about your brand which will increase the volume of traffic you get from external sites.

17. Share out the Leads

If you want to create a branded piece of content, one of the best customer acquisition techniques is sharing out of leads. The overall reach will increase and you will have more opportunities to target the audience that search for the specific product, without being primarily exposed to the competitors who are having the same target audience.

18. Use Engagement Metrics to Drive down Ad Spend

The metrics system could be the most relevant category in getting new customers. Engagement metrics show you how much your audience engages with your brand and what their main preferences are. When you cut down the data that are not relevant to your engagement rate, you can create the ads that are the most appealing to your public, which will be an ultimate way to generate better engagement results.

19. Find the Similar or Lookalike Audience Next to the Existing Audience

Not all kinds of the audience are the same, but they all share some similarities you can target. People who are buying one type of product will probably buy something similar, which is your opportunity to reach them more specifically. Spread your presence over the public who are potential buyers and see what you can do to get their trust when it comes to your brand awareness.

20. Apply Remarketing Tactics

Best ways for remarketing are usually retargeting specific URL visits, retargeting existing customers, and generating ads based on on-page engagement. These tactics will save you a lot of time in brand marketing and give you a more dedicated public that keeps coming to your website pages to see what is new about your brand and what to buy from your offerings. With remarketing tactics, the engagement rate will increase as well as your conversion rate over specific periods of time.


Combining Multiple Customer Acquisition Methods Brings the Best Results


If you want to apply the mentioned customer acquisition techniques, you will certainly get more customer acquisition and retention rates. In the modern online market, it is crucial to apply all the existing methods to reach the new audience and retain the existing ones.

We can now use the techniques that not only drive traffic to your website and products but also improve your brand positioning. Forums and social media and the main points to consider when building a brand, which is why many brands use very powerful strategies to engage with the public and leave the impression of a reliable and consistent brand.

Giving your audience more opportunities to reach you is what makes a difference in modern brand marketing. For that reason, multiple presences on different channels will ensure that you have what is needed when it comes to brand policy and overall quality. The more you can communicate with the public, the better your customer acquisition will be.




All the mentioned methods apply with a lower or higher percentage of success, which is why every marketer must search for the ways that bring the most relevant results in the specific area. If you are focusing more on social media and online communities, you will hear the beat of the audience, which will certainly give you more opportunities to satisfy their needs and expectations.

At the same time, everyone should pay attention to the undergoing matters that actually drive traffic and bring sales into the business. In this light, you may need to use sales techniques that leave no room for experimentation. Customer acquisition will be best reached if you combine all the business methods that meet the expectations of your clients, which will ultimately lead to a better retention rate and a bigger base of loyal customers.




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