How to Make Your Small Business Seem Like a Big Business

Your business has many different areas that need to be optimized to keep everything running smoothly. As one of the most vital elements of any business, your phone system has to be set up to handle anything your customers can throw at it.

Not only can you serve your customers better with an efficient phone system, but it will also give your business a “large” feel, if it has some key features.

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call menu

One feature that gives your business a “big” vibe is a call menu, or phone tree.

Also known as an auto attendant, this allows you to set up a professional menu to which you may send all of your calls. When you answer every business call on your cell phone, without a call menu, what’s going to happen?

The caller will hear it ring, then you answer it—or you don’t answer it—at which point the call either just ends, or goes to voicemail.

To your customers, this may give them the impression that you are one guy sitting in his garage, answering every call himself. Many times, that is the reality, but your customers don’t have to know that.

Not only will your calls be managed far more efficiently with a call menu, but it makes your business seem like it’s well-established.

business woman on phone

The bottom line is that you have to be able to place callers on hold with music.

Have you ever called a business, and once you’re on hold, you hear nothing but dead silence—or worse, you hear people talking in the background?

It makes you seem unprofessional, and that’s a message you definitely do not want to send to your callers.

When you add some music or a promotional message to your hold program, it tells your callers that you’ve really got it together. It also gives them a more pleasant experience while waiting for you to answer.


There’s nothing worse than a voicemail that sounds too personal or poorly-recorded.

What is the one element by which your customers will judge your business when they call in? —what they hear.

The impression you make on your customers over the phone is based entirely on what it sounds like. Aside from what you are actually saying to your customers, how it sounds is important, too.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a good script for your voicemail, that conveys the appropriate message with great sound quality.

Here’s a helpful resource for voicemail greetings:

transfer codes 05

Set your business apart with Live Call Transfer.

Here’s another great feature that adds sophistication to your phone system—the ability to transfer live calls.

Especially when you are using your cell phone to field business calls, if you can transfer a customer to another department during a live call, that will get you huge points with them.

It doesn’t seem like something you could do from a cell phone, but this is actually a feature included with a Talkroute virtual phone system.

There is no reason that your small business has to seem like an amateur organization—it’s all in your presentation and how you manage your customers.

With the help of the aforementioned features (which are all included with a Talkroute account, by the way) and a team that provides exceptional service for their customers, the sky is the limit for your small business, no matter how small.


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StephanieHow to Make Your Small Business Seem Like a Big Business