Using Your Phone System’s Mobile App for Business

Not long ago, it would’ve sounded strange to associate a mobile app with your business’ phone system, but today’s virtual phone systems use a mobile app to make call management a lot easier for your company. Here are a few of the useful functions of a mobile app to help you manage calls.

Stay on Top of Messages

Traditionally, you could only check your customers’ voicemail messages by calling into a certain number, but now you can just open your phone system app and tap the voicemail section to view all of your messages and even call those customers back from the same page of the app.

Text messaging can also be done through an app, though not all virtual phone systems provide that ability. Check out Talkroute’s text messaging features here:

Decide Which Voice Mailboxes You Want to See

You may have a lot of employees or departments who have their own voice mailboxes on your account, which can become confusing or overwhelming when you only need to access the voice messages that are pertinent for you.

That’s why it’s extremely helpful to set each user’s app to display messages only from certain mailboxes by simply selecting the mailbox in your app settings.

Call Details & History

When the app also has a call log, or call history page, you can use this to view the details of all your incoming and outgoing calls, as well as return someone’s call just by tapping on a call listing within the call history. There, you will usually find the exact date & time, duration, and caller ID for all of your business calls.

Sync Contacts

One of the greatest things about using an app with your virtual phone system is being able to sync with the contacts saved in the smartphone you’re using. Not all apps include this feature, but with professional virtual systems, you can usually find it.

Help and Support

Sometimes you’re out in the field or just on the move and have a question or issue about your phone system that you need answered, and you don’t want to wait until you get back to the office.

Having a Help & Support section on the app that links directly to your provider’s website or support docs is invaluable when you need to get an answer via mobile. Again, you will need to choose a virtual provider that offers this feature on their app.

We use mobile apps for everything in our lives now, and your business call management is no different. It can actually be difficult to find a virtual service provider that has a high-functioning, easy-to-use mobile app, so be sure to make it a primary consideration when you’re looking for a new virtual provider.

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StephanieUsing Your Phone System’s Mobile App for Business