Virtual Voicemail for Business

Access your voice messages anywhere: browser, email & our apps.

Virtual Voicemail for Business

Virtual VoicemailWhat is Virtual Voicemail?

Virtual voicemail is a cloud based solution that gives you the ability to access & manage your messages with any browser, by email or with our desktop & mobile apps. Unlike traditional voicemail systems, virtual voicemail is not associated to a phone line or physical device.

This easy access allows your team to quickly review & respond to voice messages that are received as a result of missed calls.

Talkroute’s virtual voicemail also provides customizable voicemail-to-email notifications that can contain the message audio attachment & transcription of the voice message.

What you can do with Virtual Voicemail

  • Easy to Manage Voicemail

    Access messages online & with our apps

    The Talkroute desktop & mobile apps make it easier than ever to manage all of your voice messages. Our apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android. Voice Messages are also accessible in your online account.

    Now you can quickly review a message & either call or text the caller back with the push of a button.

    Download our apps to begin managing voice messages from your PC & smartphone today.

    Access voicemail anywhere
  • Mailboxes for Everyone

    Create mailboxes for team members & departments

    Efficiently manage, route & store your messages by adding voice mailboxes to your phone system.

    Mailboxes can be added to your virtual phone numbers, menu options & extensions.

    You can even assign an after hours mailbox to route & store your messages when your business is closed.

    Mailboxes for Everyone
  • Voicemail-to-Email

    Your voice messages sent to your inbox

    When a message is left in your mailbox, you will receive a notification by email with the caller’s information including date, time, & caller ID.

    Email notifications also include an audio file attachment & transcription of the voice message.

    HIPAA Compliant voicemail-to-email notifications available upon request.

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Read your voice messages

    View transcriptions of your voice messages in the voicemail-to-email notifications & online with any browser.

    Voicemail transcription may be enabled or disabled for each mailbox individually.

    Voicemail Transcription
  • User Permissions

    Grant access to your team members

    Give permissions to your team members that allow them to access only the voice mailboxes you want them to see.

    Voicemail permissions for each mailbox include the ability to completely disable access, allow view only, & provide full access to review & manage messages.

    Voicemail permissions

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Choose Phone Number

1. Choose a Phone Number

Pick a new phone number or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute.

Download Apps

2. Download Our Apps

Our desktop & mobile apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android.

Configure Settings

3. Configure Your Settings

Customize your greetings, menus, extensions, voicemail, hours of operation, & more.

Call Anywhere

4. Manage Calls Anywhere

Route calls to wherever your business takes you: home, office or on the road.

Virtual Voicemail FAQ

Yes, you can upload or record your own voicemail greetings to your Talkroute account.

Need ideas for your voicemail greeting? These articles contain great tips!

12 Fun & Professional Business Voicemail Greetings

How to Record a Good Voicemail Greeting: What Your Callers Aren’t Telling You

Yes, you can upload or record as many voicemail greetings as you need. You can switch between voicemail greetings as needed or assign greetings to different voice mailboxes.

Yes, Talkroute will send your voice message (audio file & transcription) along with the date, time & caller ID associated with the message to your email.

You can even set up multiple voice mailboxes with different email addresses if you wish to send messages to specific individuals or departments.

Yes. Talkroute offers voicemail transcription so that you can easily read your messages.

Your voicemail messages are stored in a voice mailbox in your Talkroute account.

You can add additional voice mailboxes if you need additional storage or wish to have separate voicemail greetings for different areas of your phone system. You can also customize the email address specified for receiving message notifications for each voice mailbox.

Each voice mailbox has unlimited message storage. Our desktop and mobile apps have a voicemail view limit of 1000 of your newest messages. If you need to listen to or manage any voicemail messages beyond that, you may access these older messages in your online account.

You can also download your voicemail messages from your online account before deleting them if you wish to retain the messages for your records.

Yes, you can disable the Talkroute voicemail for any of your forwarding devices. This will allow you to use the voicemail on your phone instead of the Talkroute voicemail.

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"An excellent virtual phone system for nonprofits"

- I honestly don’t know how we would go back to taking calls at our desks and hope we never have to!

Robert Virtual Phone System Review

Robert M.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Probably the best small business phone system"

- This solution is quick and simple to use. We selected a number and had the entire account setup in less than an hour.

Karen Virtual Phone System Review

Karen B.

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"This service has tons of great features"

- It's been a huge benefit being able to focus on the calls that we need to be taking.

Pierce Virtual Phone System Review

Pierce F.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Easy to setup & use! Call quality is excellent"

- We were able to get the perfect toll free number for our sales team up and running instantly.

Neel Virtual Phone System Review

Neel P.

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