How Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Phone Number


Virtual phone numbers are an extremely useful tool for business and not much different from a standard phone number. If you’re like a lot of people, and you’re wondering what exactly a virtual number is, check out this article:

Is a Virtual Phone Number the Same as a Standard Number?

In many ways, it can be even more useful to a business than a standard number. Here is what you stand to gain from utilizing a virtual phone number.


It’s Not Attached to a Specific Device

We have always thought of a phone number as being attached to one physical phone, or to one multi-line office system. That is simple and manageable, but it can also be limiting because calls to that number can only go to one place. It gets complicated if you want to forward a standard number to anywhere else.

If you have a virtual number, though, it’s not attached to any device, which makes it much more versatile in its function. When you think of your business’ main number as an access point for customers to reach you, it actually makes more sense to have a virtual number because it is a pure access point that can forward calls to any phone, auto attendant, or other destination with a simple setting adjustment in your online dashboard.

No need to contact your service provider and wait on hold for an hour just to add a forwarding phone number to your account. You can just do it yourself online.


Keep Your Personal Phone Number Private

Running your business from your personal cell phone? You’re not the only one. Thousands of American small businesses who are starting out are handling all of their calls through one cell phone.

This poses a few problems for a business owner, and one of the biggest is that every client or business contact they call now has their private number.

The easiest fix is to get a virtual business number that you can show on the outgoing caller ID using a service like Talkroute. Your private number stays private, and you still have the benefit of running your business from your smartphone.


Assign a Virtual Number to All of Your Employees

Not only can you have a virtual business number for your main line, but you can also give each person on your team their own virtual number that clients can use to reach them directly. Then they can also make calls from their phone while showing their business number on the outgoing caller ID.

Sometimes you only want to have one number that customers can dial to reach you, but it’s always good to have the option for multiple direct-dial numbers if your organization reaches a point that calls for that.



In a nutshell, virtual phone numbers are basically the same as normal phone numbers, with some extra advantages. Just like you always have, you can make outbound calls, receive calls, list your number in public directories, and do anything else you can do with a normal phone number.

Also, a virtual number’s call routing can be changed anytime to whatever is needed, with a couple of clicks in your online dashboard. A virtual phone number is pretty much a standard number, on steroids.



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How Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Phone Number