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Perception vs Reality Entrepreneurship
  So why exactly would you want to be an entrepreneur? Most seasoned entrepreneurs would say it's for one of

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communication over internet
"If you weren’t born with the gift of gab, it may take a great deal of practice to become an
"As long as you show respect for your customers and take care of them, they will respect the fact that
"Of course it is easy to just keep on going the way you always have, but that is the easiest
"It’s all about doing things right."   What is a productive business? Well, entrepreneurs from all walks of life would
"Doing business locally can be more convenient, cost effective, and attractive to customers."   We are living in an age
"When it comes down to a Pepsi Challenge with your competitor, the business who is involved with charity is likely
"You have to first understand the underlying idea that to be transparent, everything about the way you do business has
"Finding an established business to hook up with may be exactly what you need to really get off the ground."

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