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Perception vs Reality Entrepreneurship
  So why exactly would you want to be an entrepreneur? Most seasoned entrepreneurs would say it's for one of

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"An effective domain name must be clear, simple, directed, and intuitively applicable to your business." Choosing a domain name for
"If you are going to work smart, and not hard, these tools are a step in the right direction."  
"A great business website is one that accomplishes a primary goal." Hopefully, you realize how important it is to have
"Working from a home office can be great, but it can also test your sanity, at times." So you are
"Web sales have increased by an average of 15% for the past 5 years, and at the end of 2014,
"...95% of all Americans wear T-shirts." No matter what service a business provides, it needs to get the word out
small business funding
"The key is to find an investor that is on the same page as you, who will work with you,
competition is good
"First mover isn’t what’s important—it’s the last mover. Microsoft was the last operating system, and Google was the last search

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