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Talkroute Using WebRTC Beyond VoIP
  As a business owner using a Virtual Phone System, you are reaping the benefits of the professional quality service

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talkroute on hold music
  Have you ever wondered why you hear music or informational messages while you’re on hold? The reason is to
talkroute pstn
    PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)—The world's collection of interconnected, voice-oriented public telephone networks, both commercial and government-owned.  
Voip phone in trash
  Virtual phone service providers were on to something big. They knew they had a service that was a viable
phone tree talkroute
  Customizable Call Menus The anchor of any professional phone system is the phone tree, or IVR, or call menu.
Talkroute IVR
  IVR, also known as an auto attendant, phone tree, or call menu, exists to save time and frustration for
talkroute on hold music
  1. Keep Your Caller Informed First and foremost, your caller will be much more comfortable on hold when they

Paul HoweyThe Moving Parts: Breaking Down Your Virtual Phone System