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Virtual Phone System

What is a Virtual Phone System?What is a Virtual Phone System?

The Talkroute virtual phone system is a phone system that is not physically located on-site but is instead managed in the cloud. Since your virtual phone system is located off-site, there is no expensive equipment to purchase or maintain.

With a virtual phone system, your business will have the flexibility to register local and toll free phone numbers as needed, route calls to your existing phones, send and receive text messages, and manage voice messages online, by email, and from your phones.

You will find that a virtual phone solution is far more cost effective and feature rich compared to a traditional on-site PBX system. Most Talkroute customers save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars per year by switching to our virtual phone service. Best of all, Talkroute’s enterprise level features ensure that we will scale with you as your business continues to grow.

What you can do with a Virtual Phone System

  • Modern Business Voice

    Business calling with your desktop & smartphones

    Our virtual phone system gives you the ability to make & receive calls from any desktop or smartphone.

    With Talkroute, you have the power of an enterprise-level phone system without having to purchase or maintain any special equipment.

    Download our apps to begin making business calls from your PC & smartphone today.

    Modern Business Voice
  • Join the Conversation

    Send & receive text messages from your business numbers

    Gain an advantage over your competition — about 61% of businesses still don’t use SMS:

    85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

    68% of consumers would prefer to use text messaging to contact a company with questions.

    53% of clients say they feel more positive toward a brand that responds to text messages.

    Sign up for Talkroute & begin texting with your customers today.

    Join the Conversation
  • Extensions for Everyone

    Create extensions for departments & employees

    Whether you have 1 employee or 100, you can create Extensions for everyone on your team.

    Extensions are the perfect way to ensure callers get to the right team member or department.

    Sign up for Talkroute & begin adding extensions to your virtual phone system today!

    Extensions for Everyone
  • Voicemail Made Simple

    Check voicemail by email, browser, & apps

    Never miss a voicemail — Enable email, mobile, & desktop app notifications when receiving a new voice message.

    Customize your voicemail greetings & assign separate mailboxes to your team members, departments, & phone numbers.

    Our mailboxes can be added or removed at anytime & provide unlimited storage capacity.

    Voicemail Made Simple
  • The World is Your Office

    Take calls anywhere: home, office & on the road

    Call forwarding & routing lets you route calls to wherever your business takes you.

    Forward your calls to any U.S. or Canada cellular, landline, & VoIP phone. As long as your phone has an active phone number, Talkroute can make it ring.

    Route incoming calls to your users anywhere in the world by sending calls to their laptop or desktop computer.

    The World is Your Office

Get started with Talkroute in minutes

Choose Phone Number

1. Choose a Phone Number

Pick a new phone number or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute.

Download Apps

2. Download Our Apps

Our desktop & mobile apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android.

Configure Settings

3. Configure Your Settings

Customize your greetings, menus, extensions, voicemail, hours of operation, & more.

Call Anywhere

4. Manage Calls Anywhere

Route calls to wherever your business takes you: home, office or on the road.

Virtual Phone System FAQ


Traditionally, you would be required to be in the same building as your team and seated at your desk in order to take business calls. If you wanted to check voicemail, you would need to dial-in from your extension and in order to send text messages, you would need to do so from a personal number.

Talkroute’s virtual phone system allows you are your team to be anywhere, on any device and still be able to communicate with your customers. Our desktop and mobile apps provides you with the ability to make calls and send text messages from your business number. You can also check voicemail from your PC, phone, email, and the online dashboard. If you receive a call on your cell phone and need to transfer it to another team member, department or voicemail box, you can do so with our live call transfer feature. Now everyone on your team can work where and how they want.

Ease of Use

Making adjustments to the settings and/or functionality of your office phone system, in the past, could be a huge hassle. If you wanted to add a phone as a forwarding number, change the number of rings, add music for callers on hold, or pretty much any other adjustment like this, then you might have to call your tech person or possibly contact your service provider to make the changes.

When you have a virtual phone system, on the other hand, you can quickly and easily make any of these adjustments directly from an online control panel. With Talkroute, you can add unlimited forwarding phone numbers, add audio messages or on-hold music for your call menu, manage voicemail, and everything else, right from your online dashboard.


One of the most obvious advantages of using a virtual phone service is that it is far more cost-effective. High up front costs and dedicated IT resources are just a few of the major expenses you will face in order to get up and running with a traditional phone system.

With Talkroute there is no need to purchase any new equipment or hire someone to install software. Our solution works with the devices and phones that you already have.

Talkroute’s pricing starts at just $19 /mo (no additional taxes or fees) and includes a ton of great features, a local or toll free business number, and forwarding for as many phones as needed. Click the link to see a full breakdown of our plans & pricing.

Yes! Whether you have and old-school flip phone or the latest iPhone, Talkroute will work with your cell phone. For the best experience, we do recommend an iOS or Android smartphone in order to use our mobile app.

The Talkroute mobile app will allow you to make calls and send text messages showing your business number on the outgoing caller ID. With the mobile app, you can also review your Talkroute call history and check your business voice messages.

Best of all, the Talkroute mobile app connects calls directly through your cellular network. This means calls are not connected by data or wifi allowing for optimal call quality and reliability.

Yes! The Talkroute desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux) will allow you to make calls and send text messages showing your business number on the outgoing caller ID. With the desktop app, you can also review your Talkroute call history and check your business voice messages.

Yes! Talkroute’s virtual phone system is capable of routing calls to any active landline. You can also make outgoing calls from your landline using the outbound dialing feature.

Yes! We are extremely proud of our 99.98% uptime record. Our team works directly with the largest carrier and service provider networks in the US and Canada to establish strategic partnerships that allows our customers to take advantage of extremely stable infrastructure.

At Talkroute, we believe in extreme transparency and post our current status and past service related issues here:

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Here is what a few of them have to say about Talkroute.

"An excellent virtual phone system for nonprofits"

- I honestly don’t know how we would go back to taking calls at our desks and hope we never have to!

Robert Virtual Phone System Review

Robert M.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Probably the best small business phone system"

- This solution is quick and simple to use. We selected a number and had the entire account setup in less than an hour.

Karen Virtual Phone System Review

Karen B.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"This service has tons of great features"

- It's been a huge benefit being able to focus on the calls that we need to be taking.

Pierce Virtual Phone System Review

Pierce F.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Easy to setup & use! Call quality is excellent"

- We were able to get the perfect toll free number for our sales team up and running instantly.

Neel Virtual Phone System Review

Neel P.

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