Why No Business is Too Small for a Phone System


Any size business must sound professional.

Just because you’re a small business, that doesn’t mean that you have to sound like you’re small, does it? No matter what size your company is, professionalism is always a goal of the owner, and having a professional phone system can help you achieve that.
Sometimes you have to run your business from your cell phone, and that’s fine, but instead of just answering, “Hello?” without any system in place—it’s much better to add that phone to a virtual phone system, so that calls can be routed through an auto attendant, or at least a formal greeting, before being passed to your phone.

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High-volume periods could result in lost revenue.

“Expect the unexpected” is a good motto to have when you want to keep business running smoothly. One or two single phone lines might be enough for a new business on most days, when you’re only getting the regular number of calls.
For those times when you get surprised with a heavy volume of calls, however, you could have customers frustrated and hanging up, due to long wait times or not being able to get through to you at all. This is where features like hold queues and additional lines become an invaluable resource.


As your business grows, you can be prepared.

Ok, so you’re just a startup or newly-opened small business and haven’t exactly scaled up yet; but you probably plan on growing your business, right?
That means that, once again, you will have to be prepared for the inevitable future, which future hopefully holds a larger, more profitable business. As for much of your original infrastructure, the phone situation you have now will probably not be able to handle the load, as things progress.
The great thing about utilizing a virtual phone system is that you can put it in place now, and upgrade your features along the way, as your business grows.

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A real phone system makes it easier to do business.

Having a professional-grade phone system for your business just makes everything easier. You can keep business calls separate from personal calls, create a virtual secretary by using a Call Menu, stack multiple calls on hold, and also keep business voicemail separate. More than that, you don’t have to worry about missing important calls.

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Make your small business sound like a large business.

One of the key benefits to having a professional phone system is the ability it gives you to make your business sound like a large organization, making a good impression on your customers.
Everything your callers hear, from the audio prompts to the voicemail greeting, suggests that you’re doing serious business and that you’ve got it together.
The last thing you want is for those who are giving you their business to get the wrong idea. Chances are, you are serious about what you do, and that may not come across to your customers if your operation feels small to them, or inadequate. Utilizing a virtual phone system can be a huge benefit to your overall operations while simultaneously instilling confidence in anyone who finds your business.



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Patrick Foster is the Content Marketing Manager @ Talkroute
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patrick foster

About The Author

Patrick Foster is the Content Marketing Manager @ Talkroute
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Why No Business is Too Small for a Phone System