Reasons Need Vanity Phone Number

10 Reasons Why You Probably Need a Vanity Number

    No one wants to be just a number. People have been trying to come up with ways to add meanings to phone numbers and to memorize them for a really long time. To pull just one example from history, way back, in the 1960s, a Boston-area carpet cleaning company struck marketing gold when telephone numbers still had exchange names. While the Marvelettes were singing about BEechwood 4-5789, Adams & Swett Rug Cleaning Company asked the Boston area one simple question: “How many cookies did Andrew eat?” The answer … was their phone number. ANdrew 8-8000, or Andrew ate 8,000. Although exchange names are long gone, Adams & Swett still posts the jingle to their site, proof positive that their marketing not only worked, but that it’s still working some 50 years later. Why a Vanity Phone Number May Be Right For You Today Ok, it’s not 1965 anymore, …

Stephanie10 Reasons Why You Probably Need a Vanity Number
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Toll Free or Local Number: Which One Does Your Business Need?

  Something as simple as a phone number isn’t often on the minds of entrepreneurs starting a business for the first time. With most business tools found in the cloud or on your computer, you probably won’t need to worry about your phones until you have at least a few customers. As your company grows and evolves, the number of phone calls you have to handle will increase, and having a professional phone number will prove to be invaluable. This leaves you with an important choice to make; should you go with a local or toll-free phone number? These different types of phone numbers provide a similar user experience, but offer a diverse range of opportunities along the way, making it critical that you consider them carefully. Before diving into the differences between these number options, it’s a good idea to take a look at what they are.   What …

StephanieToll Free or Local Number: Which One Does Your Business Need?
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5 Keys to Help You Find the Perfect Business Phone Number

Choosing a new phone number for your business can drive you crazy, as there are so many options and factors to consider when you want it to be just right. There are a few guidelines, however, that you can use to save yourself time and frustration while looking at options for your new business number. First off, if you already have a number that you’ve been using for your business, then there’s no reason you should have to trash it and get a new one. Many new business owners feel that they need a separate number for the business because they’ve been using a cell phone or landline number up until now. That’s not a great idea if any of your customers already have the original number, and even if you don’t like it, an established number is better than a brand-new number that people will have to relearn. If …

Stephanie5 Keys to Help You Find the Perfect Business Phone Number